Eye of a Gate Lord

Ghost: The more we learn about the Vex, the more I understand why our Exo friend is so worried about them. During the Collapse, the Vex transformed the planet Mercury into a machine in days. They would have spread to every planet if The Traveler hadn't stopped them. We need to get into the Black Garden. We need a Gate Lord's head.

Headlands, Ishtar Sink, Venus

Ghost: First thing we're going to have to do is get me into the Vex network so I can lure out a Gate Lord. I'll lead the way.

Ghost: Here's what we have on Gate Lords: "Three stories tall. Protect the realms the Vex keep locked out of time." Time? That can't be right.

The Citadel, Ishtar Sink, Venus

Ghost: I'm picking up a heavy conflux nearby. I can use it to get into their network.

The Guardian approaches the conflux and deploys the Ghost to scan it.

Ghost: And I thought you had the hard job.

Ghost: Okay, we've got to head for a place called the Endless Steps. That's where we'll find the Gate Lord.

The Guardian proceeds through Waking Ruins and approaches Campus 9.

Ghost: To find the Gate Lord, I sort of had to mess with all their transfer gates here. You're probably going to have your hands full.

The Guardian approaches a Gate.

Ghost: The Gates are waking. They'll keep coming unless you can shut them down.

The Vex keep coming

Ghost: You've got to destroy the Gates!

Following Ghost's command, The Guardian destroys a Gate.

Ghost: That worked! Keep it up!

Endless Steps, Ishtar Sink, Venus

Ghost: And that is where we'll find the Gate Lord. Let's go.

The Guardian clears out all of the Vex at the top of the steps.

Ghost: I guess you're going to have to step inside the ring.

The Guardian stands on the sync plate for a few seconds.

Ghost: Here we go.

Zydron, Gate Lord appears. The Guardian battles the Vex and destroys Zydron, Gate Lord.

Ghost: Nice work! This better get us into the Black Garden. Let's go get our key from the Queen.