Ghost Scans: Eliksni Quarter Post-Sabotage

Botza Ruins, Botza District, The Last City

The Guardian investigates the sabotaged Eliksni camp.


The Guardian approaches the smashed Ether tanks

Eido: I believe this is the war strategy Humans call “poisoning the town well.” Luckily, we have enough Ether reserves to last until repairs are made, but this is a worrying sign. When Ikora Rey offered us refuge, we assumed she had the authority to do so. But the longer we stay here, the more we wonder if anyone is in charge of this city. Your leaders do not seem to have the loyalty of the people. This instability puts Misraakskel in a difficult position. Many in our House were against coming here, but they trusted my father’s judgment. Now, his messages of tolerance and forgiveness appear naive. Perhaps this was the attackers’ goal.


The Guardian approaches a torn House of Light banner

Eido: This “sharing of hatred,” as my father would say, is disappointing but not unexpected. Some Eliksni believe that Guardians prey on us without reason. But as a Scribe, I know better. The accusations Lakshmi makes against us are mostly true. Eliksni have raided the Last City for centuries. They were driven not only by desperation, but by unspoken resentment at the Great Machine’s abandonment. Every Kell since the Whirlwind has tried to unify the Eliksni in opposition to humanity. This war-like mentality has been a weakness. The House of Light tries to unify Eliksni with humanity, not against them. And this is how we are received.


The Guardian approaches the destroyed shrine of the Traveler

Eido: I’m surprised Humans would destroy a representation of the Great Machine. My research with the Awoken suggested that Humans revered it as we do. However, my personal observations have not supported that conclusion. I understand the City used to have an official “Speaker.” A sort of cleric who spoke to the Great Machine’s will. However, Human records state that role was abandoned after Dominus Ghaul sacked the City. To leave the Great Machine without a representative among the people seems…heretical. Many Eliksni believe that humanity takes the Great Machine’s blessings for granted. Just as we once did. Perhaps they’re right.

Ghost Scans: Eliksni Quarter

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