Pilgrimage: Garden of Esila, Dead Tree

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by DrJazzyBebop & Lowlines


Shuro Chi: You Guardians embrace death. But, it is not final for you, and so it has no weight, no impact. The Awoken believe in its finality. We believe we are charting toward a final future, a final shape. It is our duty to help shape it before we are gone.


Shuro Chi: We Awoken have one foot in the Darkness and one in the Light. Your Traveler is a gardener, so we garden, too. But the Darkness demands each thing fit to its final shape - and so we accept when something must die.


Shuro Chi: Let this tree serve as a reminder that all things have their end. There is a certain amount of time that every one of us is granted. We must all make the most of it.


Shuro Chi: The Hive preach the gospel of the final shape: death. In our way, we believe in its power, too - but the Hive have such limited imagination. They have not heard the song of the Sky. There are more ways to carve and craft than cutting and killing.

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Pilgrimage: Garden of Esila, Garden Bench