Quest: A Second Opinion, Enhance!

Trostland, European Dead Zone

Devrim Kay: The last time someone did this much good on the continent, it was a different kind of war altogether. You've taught me that it's important to fight for all of our history. Turns out there's a whole world beyond the City walls! I thought I'd be heading back home when all of this was over. But now… Perhaps eight generations behind walls is plenty. And maybe once we get to a ninth, we'll name it after you. One thing at a time.

Devrim Kay: I was a bit worried when we lost contact. You wouldn't leave me alone out here, eh? Now thanks to you, the Fallen won't be making any new enhanced ether. But it's not quite time for tea. They've brewed enough ether to have a whole pantry-full of the stuff out there. The Fallen don't give up easily. And we've made them even more desperate than usual. We might need to think outside the box a bit. Have any experience with that, do you?

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