Quest: My Captain, Exodus Black

Exodus Black, Nessus

Failsafe: Captain, did you find the Captain?

Ghost: No sign of him yet, Failsafe. Sorry.

Failsafe: That is fine, and not at all disappointing! It's not like I've been waiting centuries for this.

The Guardian follows the strange Harpy.

Sunken Cavern, Nessus

Ghost: There's that Harpy again. It seems… friendly. Maybe it'll lead to the Captain. If nothing else, we'll have an interesting story for Asher.

The Guardian follows the Harpy deeper into the Sunken Cavern.

Harpy: From… Earth? You… like. Captain. Once.

Failsafe: Captain Jacobson?!

Ghost: Failsafe, this is not your captain.

Harpy: Captain. Yes. Come… Test. We test.

The Guardian jumps further down into the Sunken Cavern.

Ghost: I knew this was some kind of trap.

The Guardian defends themselves against the hostile Vex.

Ghost: What is this? Where's Captain Jacobson?

Harpy: Captain Jacobson. Yes. Come. Share mind…

The Guardian starts to establish a link with the Harpy while defending themselves from hostile Vex.

Ghost: Failsafe, don't say we've never done anything for you.

Failsafe: Why would I, friendly Ghost?

The Guardian defends another mind link with the Harpy against the Vex.

Ghost: Hey, that Harpy's on the move again.

The Harpy makes a successful mind link with the Guardian before leading the Guardian towards another trial.

Harpy: Why are you here?

Failsafe: Captain Jacobson? Can you hear me? It's me, your failsafe.

Harpy: It's you, my failsafe. Yes. I have this memory. You are a good failsafe. Always helping. Very good.

Failsafe: Captain? Are you… I've scanned for you everyday since you left. I'm so sorry I couldn't find you.

Harpy: I left. Yes. I have this memory.

The Harpy leads the Guardian over floating rocks to another area within the Sunken Cavern.

Harpy: Loss. Yes. We will test loss.

The Guardian destroys Kagathos, Empathic Mind. The Harpy leads the Guardian to Captain Jacobson's body. Ghost scans the body.

Captain Jacobson: This is the final log of Captain Jacobson, of the Exodus Black. We hoped to touch the stars, to colonize beyond our system. We failed. I couldn't save my colonists. I couldn't save my crew. (wheezy chuckle) I couldn't even save myself. The machines here are closing in. I think… I think they mean to study me. If someone finds this… I would do it all… again.

Failsafe: Captain Jacobson… is… dead?

Ghost: Yes. I'm so sorry, Failsafe. We'll see you soon

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