Quest: The Obsidian Accelerator

Annex, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

The Guardian obtains the Obsidian Accelerator and returns to Ada-1. The Guardian places the Obsidian Accelerator on the table and pushes it toward Ada-1. Ada-1 turns away from her work and sees the Obsidian Accelerator.

Ada-1: Is that…?

Ada-1 picks up the Obsidian Accelerator and inspects it.

Ada-1: You found it.

Ada-1 places the Obsidian Accelerator on the back of her head.

Ada-1: [gasp] [deep breaths]

Energy courses through Ada-1's body. Ada-1 falls to her knees. The Guardian tries to help her stand but Ada-1 refuses the assistance.

Ada-1: [breathing]

Ada-1 stands up.

Ada-1: Thank you.

Obsidian Accelerator

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