Opening to Restoration

Ghost: There is so little left. We were lucky to even find this ship. A Guardian can’t do much to protect the City without one. But, it needs a warp drive if we ever hope to fight beyond Earth, and that Cosmodrome is the only place I know where we might still find one. We survived the Fallen once… we can do it again.

Landing in the Steppes

Ghost: A Guardian ship was recently shot down here. If the Fallen haven’t gotten to it, there might be parts we can salvage.

Scanning downed ship

Ghost: The ship’s avionics are completely catatonic. But I can cull their last transmission.

inaudible transmission

Ghost: They managed to restore an information hub here. Down in the tunnels below. We should check it out.

entering information hub

Ghost: A map of the entire area.

Ghost: What we really need to find is a warp drive, so we can jump to any planet or moon. Our only hope is where we found our ship. We have to go back.

Entering Dock 13

Ghost: Scaning for the warp drive. Bad news. It’s already in Fallen hands.

Ghost: I hope you’re ready for this

Ghost: It’s in the walls.

Riksis, Devil Archon enters

Riksis, Devil Archon dies

NLS Drive obtained

Ghost: You just killed an Archon and we got a warp drive.