Scourge of Winter

Ghost: Those Fallen we faced in the Archive belong to the House of Winter. Their Kell, Draksis, has been hunted by Guardians for years. If these reports are correct, he's commanding them from a network of caves up in the Cinders. If we want to keep the Academy's secrets safe we should push into their lair and take him out.

Ghost: I'm ready if you are.

Ghost: That's got to be the way into their lair.

Ghost: There could be thousands of Fallen in here.

Ghost: The Kell's Guard is here!

Ghost: The Kell must be close.

The Cinders

Ghost: A Ketch! It must belong to the House of Winter. I've never seen one on the surface, the Kell's gotta be inside.

Ghost: Somewhere on this thing there's a throne room. That's where we'll find Draksis.

Draksis' Throne Room

Ghost: There's the Kell.

Draksis attacks

Draksis is defeated

Ghost: Draksis was one of the worst plagues this system has ever seen. Without their Kell, Houses usually turn against each other. We may finally have broken their hold on the Academy.