The Black Garden

Meridian Bay, Mars

Ghost: I don't think we'll get a second chance at this. We pull this off, we can save the Traveller. If not, the Vex will seize our worlds.

Guardian lands in Barrens

Ghost: The Gate Lord's Eye is still charged. Let's head for the Gate.

Guardian proceeds toward the Valley of Kings

Ghost: The Vex are going to do everything they can to keep us out of the Black Garden.

Guardian approaches the Gate

Gate defenders terminated

Gate portal opens

Ghost: I hope this works!

Guardian is teleported

Ghost** – Where are we? If this is the Black Garden, it's not on any map of known space and time. I guess we just keep going.

Guardian approaches still Vex

Ghost: They're in some kind of stasis

Guardian explores the Garden

Guardian ambushed by Vex

Vex Terminated

Guardian approaches stair case, Heart discovered deep into the Garden.

Ghost: There's something extremely dark down below. I think we have found the Black Garden's heart.

Guardian trapped and ambushed by Vex controlling a barrier

Ghost: The Vex here are controlling that barrier. Take them out.

Divisive Mind destroyed

Ghost: Barrier's down.

Guardian travels further through the Garden

Guardian finds the entrance to the Heart

Ghost: Dead end. The heart is just beyond here.

This place is just one big machine. Get me close to the Clusters!

Guardian makes attack on defending Vex

Ghost scans first cluster

Ghost: I can manipulate them, just need to break their manifold encryption…

That did it! Let's hit the other one!

It's working! A spire is forming!

Conflux spire appears

Ghost scans remaining cluster

Ghost: It's all starting to make sense.

Let's see if it worked!

Vex spire fully builds

Ghost scans entrance Conflux

Ghost: All we need is permission to enter. As a Gate Lord.

Gate Lord Key formed, charged by spire.

Entrance opens

Ghost: The Heart of the Black Garden.

Well, here goes nothing. Or everything.

Guardian enters above Vex ritual

Vex sense light of the Guardian

Ghost: So… think you can kill a God?

Guardian: Don't think I have a choice.

Black Heart shrouds Vex statue in darkness

Vex surround and overwhelm Guardian, Guardian retaliates

Black Heart awakens Vex statue – Eschaton Mind

Ghost: The Heart is bringing that statue to life!

Vex attack

Eschaton Mind terminated

Ghost: The Heart is dying! Keep fighting them!

Black Heat awakens Vex statue – Imminent Mind

Vex attack

Imminent Mind terminated

Black Heart awakens Vex Stature – Primeval Mind

Vex attack in heavy force

Primeval Mind terminated

Black Garden Heart erupts

Mars connected with the Black Garden

Ghost: We're back, on Mars. The shroud of Darkness is lifting and Light returns to the Traveller! The Speaker is calling us home.

Tower, Last City, Earth

The Speaker: For centuries we feared the forces of Darkness massing against us. We sought to hide and cower beneath a broken God.

No more.

These Guardians show us what we are, what we have always been and what we will be again.

We are what remains of the Light…and we will not be stamped out.

Tower loading bay

Exo Stranger: It's a day for pretty speeches and medals. But we know the real fight takes place out there.

Take this.

Exo Stranger presents a rifle for the Guardian

Exo Stranger: There is so much more, Guardian. I've seen terrible things born out in the Darkness. Every moment brings them closer.

All ends are beginnings… Our fight is far from over.

Exo Stranger exits

Guardian boards ship for Orbit

Mission Reward

Dark Heart Fragments

Ghost** A remnant of the struggle that cleansed the Black Garden. The Speaker would rejoice to see it.

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