The Garden's Spire

Ghost:  I have a plan to charge the Gate Lord’s Eye. Deep in their Warbase, the Cabal are sitting on a Vex spire that connects to the Black Garden Gate. We free that Spire, we can charge the Eye. We’ll be hitting the Cabal where they’re the strongest, so I hope you’re ready for war.

Ghost:  Here we go. Let's fight our way into their Warbase.

The Barrens, Mars

Ghost:  I need to locate the Spire. Let's keep moving. I'll scan for a good vantage point.

Rubicon Wastes

Ghost:  That observation tower overhead, there’s bound to be a way to locate the Spire there.

The Guardian kills all Cabal near the tower

Ghost:  Let's try that terminal!

Ghost scans Cabal terminal

Ghost:  Come on, where is it...? I Got it! It’s on the other side of another defense line.

Ghost:  Well, if they didn’t already know we’re coming, they do now.

Ghost:  I...think they just invited us in.

Ghost:  Feels like a trap.

Ghost:  Get ready. You know what happens when I open doors.

The door opens

Ghost:  We're getting close.

Ghost:  We have to cross that bridge!

Ghost:  There's the Spire! Straight ahead.

Ghost:  You handle the Cabal, I'll wake the Eye.

Ghost:  There! A conduit to the Spire! Get me close!

Ghost begins investigating the conduit

Ghost:  I have no idea what's about to happen....

The Spire begins to open

Primus Sha'aull appears

Primus Sha'aull is defeated and the Eye is retrieved

Ghost:  The Eye is charged! It’s time to enter the Black Garden and finish this.