The World's Grave

Ghost: There's got to be a way to find out what the Hive are planning. That Ghost we recovered found a library in their fortress called the World's Grave. It's said to hold everything they know of Earth. If you can get us down there, I'll steal all I can.

Circle of Bones

Kranox, The Graven, is defeated

Ghost: This is they key to the Grave! I know where we're headed.

Ghost: This should lead us right to the Grave. The World's Grave. Not ours.

The World's Grave

Ghost: That's it, there it is!

Acolytes and Knights are sat in worship

Ghost begins unlocking the Grave

Ghost: When I break in they're going to come after us, make sure you're ready.

Thrall begin rising from the pit, Knights and Wizards start attacking

Ghost: Ok, I've got it all. There's unbelievable stuff in here. The Hive have seen thousands of worlds taken by the Darkness, and they've been seeding Earth for centuries, waiting for their gods to return. I'll warn the City, let's get out of here.