Unfinished Business: Track down Rohan's notes

Nimbus: Hey, friends! Any updates? I got Osiris to help with the decoding, and… Eh, to tell ya the truth, he's getting on my nerves. Keeps asking how I'm doing, giving me these weird looks, like… [sighs] I don't even know what.

Ghost: You won't have to endure it much longer. We just got a lock on the last data packet. It's… huh. Looks like it's inside a conflux.

Nimbus: Oh yeah! Rohan was always tinkering with those things. I thought he was mining for lasers to stick in his gun.

Ghost: OK, Nimbus, the last packet is on its—wait, what's this pattern? Is this part of Rohan's notes?

Nimbus: What's it look like?

Ghost: An hourglass.

Nimbus: Hmm. And the notes mostly talked about a garden, so… not sure I get the connection. Not yet, anyway. Let's regroup. We'll have the last packet decoded by the time you get here.

Unfinished Business: Return to Nimbus

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