Calcified Fragments: Curiosity

Verse 1:0 — Fundament
Dearest sisters,

It’s taken me two years — a quarter of our lives — but I’ve found the proof. We aren’t native to the Fundament. Our ancient ancestors came here to hide.

The plate of stone we live on, our Osmium Court, is one fragment of a rocky planet that crashed into the Fundament and broke apart. All the other nearby continents — the Helium Drinkers, the Bone Plaza, the Starcutters — came from the same world.

Perhaps the other races of the Fundament are migrants too.

We live on the shrapnel of our homeworld, floating on an ocean deep inside a gas giant.

That’s what Fundament must be. A titanic gas planet. The endless storm above us must be one layer of the atmosphere. And the sea we float on... there’s more down beneath it. So much more!

You understand what this means, Sathona. The Timid Truth is a lie. We aren’t meant to be the world’s prey. We weren’t born to live and die in the dark.

We have a better destiny.

Tell our father, sister Sathona. This is the proof of his life’s work.

With love, for your second birthday,
Your first surviving sister,

Síocháin's Scuba Shell

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