The Fundament


A gas giant within which several solid continents floated, and upon which hundreds of species once lived. One such species were the ancestors of the Hive, henceforth referred to as 'proto-Hive'.1

The 52 moons of the Fundament were also home to an advanced cephalopod species that had been assisted in its growth by the Traveler.2

The solid continents of the Fundament were the remains of other planets that had crashed into the gas giant.3

The Fundament was an incredibly inhospitable place. Many of the proto-Hive believed in a philosophy that they called 'The Timid Truth', that they were the weakest things to exist, "the natural prey of the universe".4 Warring proto-Hive kingdoms inhabited at least two of the Fundament's continents; the Osmium Court and the Helium Court.1

The physiology of the proto-Hive resembled that of some insects; individuals would grow into one of several castes (or morphs) most of which lived for about ten years, although the mother caste may have been biologically immortal.1

Below the continents of the Fundament lived a Leviathan.

Deeper still lived creatures referred to as the Worm Gods.

The Leviathan and the cephalopod species were killed in the events surrounding Oryx's pact with the Worm Gods.

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