Ghost Fragment: Thieves' Den

Thieves' Den
PARTIES: Two [2]. One [1] Guardian-type, Class Hunter [u.1]; One [1] Guardian-type, Class Titan [u.2]
ASSOCIATIONS: Arc [Energy Type]; Crucible; Fist of Havoc; Ishtar Sink [Venus]; Lord Shaxx; Thieves’ Den [Venus]

[u.1:01] I hear the roar before I see him, but when I look up, I can make out a blue burst against the skyline.
[u.1:02] When he falls, he brings the sky with him. Scatters me and my squad to the wind.
[u.1:03] Leaves us dead as the moment our Ghosts found us. They bring us back, and he helps us up. Bastard says one thing.
[u.2:01] What?
[u.1:04] “Tell me what you’ve learned.”

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