Lord Shaxx

— Warlord and Crucible Handler

During the Dark Age, Shaxx was a Warlord with his own territory.1 Unlike many Warlords, however, Shaxx worked to protect the civilians within his care, which included cooperating with the Lords of Iron. While he worked with the Iron Lords, Shaxx never officially joined.2 Lord Saladin also served as Shaxx’s mentor for a time.3

Shaxx was present at the Battle of Six Fronts.4

Additionally, Shaxx was one of the key figures of the Battle of Twilight Gap. Shaxx ignored Saladin’s orders to retreat, instead leading his fireteam on a final push on the Wall; this provided the momentum needed to reclaim the city.5 Shaxx’s actions during the Battle led his relationship with Saladin to become strained.6

Following the Battle of Twilight Gap, Shaxx decided to stay within the City in order to mentor Guardians in the Crucible.7 Under Shaxx, the Crucible has evolved to have a strict code of conduct, with cheaters being banned.8 Shaxx also works with his Redjacks to secure new areas to convert into Crucible arenas.9

Shaxx disagreed with the Consensus’ decision to attack the Moon, citing the narrow victory at Burning Lake.10

Shaxx was also present for the Red Legion’s first assault on the City. He rescued Eva Levante from a group of Cabal, and the pair evacuated a group of civilians from the Tower.11 Shaxx and Arcite 99-40 eventually arrived at the Farm, returning to the City after Ghaul’s defeat.

Prior to Saint’s resurrection and return to the City, Shaxx believed that he was dead, as opposed to missing in action.12 However, the two were able to reconnect during the Guardian’s quest to create the Devil’s Ruin.13

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Lore Entries

10: War Stories
11: Breathe
9: Thin
A Big Fan
Actium War Rig
Allstar Bond
Allstar Cloak
Allstar Mark
Ancient Apocalypse Plate
Binary Phoenix
Blast Furnace
Candescent Boots
Candescent Greaves
Candescent Helm
Candescent Hood
Candescent Mask
Candescent Strides
Chapter 4 - Reflections
Chapter 5 – [Ambition]
Chivalric Fire
Cinder Pinion Bond
Cinder Pinion Boots
Cinder Pinion Cloak
Cinder Pinion Cover
Cinder Pinion Cowl
Cinder Pinion Greaves
Cinder Pinion Helm
Cinder Pinion Mark
Cinder Pinion Plate
Cinder Pinion Robes
Cinder Pinion Strides
Cinder Pinion Vest
Cobra's Hood
Concentric Dawn
Crowning Duologue
Dawning Cheer
Devil's Ruin
Different Times
Elsie's Rifle
Ghost Community Theater Presents
Grimoire: BRAVE Arsenal
Grimoire: The City—Onslaught
Grimoire: The Ironwood Tree
Grips of the Great Hunt
Hung Jury SR4
II: For Fear of the Conquering Hero
II: Freedom
III - Cold Forging
Just Another Day at the Tower
Lightkin Plate
Lightkin Robes
Lightkin Vest
Lion's Pride
Lucky Pants
Luna's Howl
Luna's Howl
Mark of the Great Hunt
Message from Aunor X
MIDA Multi-Tool
Midnight Coup
Opulent Stalker Strides
Pyrogale Gauntlets
Redrix's Claymore
Retrofit Escapade
Sagira's Shell
Second Chance
Survivor's Epitaph
The Conqueror 2
The Long Walk
The Mountaintop
The Mountaintop
The Recluse
The Recluse
The Salt Mines
The Vision
The Vow
The Wise-Woman's Tale
VII: Joining
Wing Contender
Wing Discipline
Wing Theorem
Wyrmguard Bond
Wyrmguard Chestplate
Wyrmguard Cloak
Wyrmguard Mark
Wyrmguard Robe
Wyrmguard Tunic