Ghost Fragment: Warlock 2

My name is Eriana-3, disciple of the Praxic Warlocks, marked by the Cormorant Seal. We came here under one banner, united in a host of thousands, to claim the Moon. But the battle goes against us. I have taken a prisoner and this is the record of its interrogation. If I transgress in your eyes I ask for your forgiveness.

[sound of current or discharge]

/Eriana. It responds to pain.

It responds to the Light. Hurt it again. Monster, heed me. Who is your master with the sword?

[static event]

I can hear it. In my head. The swordbearer's name is CROTA. Record that.

/Should I burn it again?

No. I think you're only feeding it. I will touch its mind. Ghost - help.

They call you Wizard. You must be ancient. I think you value power very much. Will you still be powerful without this piece of your mind?

Tell me how to kill Crota.

[static event]

It showed me the battle. It showed me Wei Ning dead on Crota's blade. It showed me how Crota killed a Guardian with a screaming knife hammered out of his own Ghost.

So I will take a piece of its mind, and ask again.

Tell me how to kill Crota.

[static event]

Incredible. Where? Where is his throne? Where is the twilight world under the dead star eye?

/Eriana there's word from the company in Mare Imbrium. Crota is upon them. Half a hundred dead. They need us.

Tell me where! Tell me how! TELL ME!

[static event]

/Eriana what did it say -

It showed me how it did this, just exactly this, to an Awoken man, the knives arranged by its will, like little silver ships, like Ghosts -

It laughed at me. It said we were the same.

/Crota marches with a thousand Knights and they say the sky above Mare Imbrium has turned into green fire. They are dying in numbers I cannot bear to repeat. He kills them one by one with a sword that eats their Light. Eriana, we have to do something -

Kill the Wizard. Scatter the ash. It has nothing but lies to offer.

Get your Sparrows. We have Light and fury. That will be enough.

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