Malok, Pride of Oryx

Malok! Cunning Malok, sly and slippery!
Savathûn begat you to betray me
To poison slowly, gnaw from within

Liar Malok!
You are meant to tithe upon Oryx
To feed your maker with secret blight
Your secret is two lies

You betrayed your maker; your mother
You hid yourself from Savathûn
The tithing does not reach her jaws

Your Thrall strength now is Acolyte strength
Your Acolyte strength now is Knight strength
Your thieving pride is known and fed

Malok! Listen —
I took you from your mother, my sister
Your shape is new
This shape is poison — the shape of secrets

I name you Malok, which means My Poison
A prize to taunt sister Savathûn
Steal now for me

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