— Hive goddess of trickery and cunning.

Savathûn began her life on the distant planet of Fundament as Sathona, a young Krill.1 Spurred by her father’s betrayal and death at the hands of her teacher, Taox, she and her sisters, Xi Ro and Aurash, left their home in the Osmium Court to seek revenge and to address their father’s concerns of a massive wave that would annihilate all life on Fundament.23 Together, Sathona, Xi Ro and Aurash eventually found their way to the core of Fundament, following the advice of a fossilized worm that their father kept as a familiar.4

Here, Sathona and her sisters found great worms, who claimed to be divinities and offered them a deal: the worms would place their spawn within the Krill, dramatically extending their short lifespans. In exchange, the Krill would forever have to feed their Worms with death, lest the worm’s appetite turn and devour them.5 Sathona and her sisters agreed. This set the three on the path to becoming the Hive Gods- Sathona became Savathûn, Aurash became Oryx, and Xi Ro became Xivu Arath.6

In her capacity as a Hive goddess, Savathûn has proven to be exceptionally cunning, often using deceit and trickery to accomplish her goals. Her list of accomplishments is long; she caused the Dreaming City Curse (and, indirectly, the murder of Cayde-6), manipulated the Hive on the Moon, attempted to interfere with messages from the Darkness, made the Cabal homeworld of Torobatl vulnerable to invasion by Xivu Arath, and, most recently, masterminded the Endless Night. 789101112

She is also responsible for a strange song that’s been spreading throughout the Solar System, as well as messages left in a variety of places, including the Chronicon and the Books of Sorrow. 131415 Despite being a Hive goddess, Savathûn has been perhaps the most doubtful of the three Hive gods regarding her adherence to the Darkness, even mentioning to Oryx that she has no proof that the Final Shape exists.16

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