— Hive goddess of trickery and cunning.

Savathûn began her life on the distant planet of Fundament as Sathona, a young Krill.1 Spurred by her father’s betrayal and death at the hands of her teacher, Taox, she and her sisters, Xi Ro and Aurash, left their home in the Osmium Court to seek revenge and to address their father’s concerns of a massive wave that would annihilate all life on Fundament.23 Together, Sathona, Xi Ro and Aurash eventually found their way to the core of Fundament, following the advice of a fossilized worm that their father kept as a familiar.4

Here, Sathona and her sisters found great worms, who claimed to be divinities and offered them a deal: the worms would place their spawn within the Krill, dramatically extending their short lifespans. In exchange, the Krill would forever have to feed their Worms with death, lest the worm’s appetite turn and devour them.5 Sathona and her sisters agreed. This set the three on the path to becoming the Hive Gods- Sathona became Savathûn, Aurash became Oryx, and Xi Ro became Xivu Arath.6

In her capacity as a Hive goddess, Savathûn has proven to be exceptionally cunning, often using deceit and trickery to accomplish her goals. Her list of accomplishments is long; she caused the Dreaming City Curse7 (and, indirectly, the murder of Cayde-6)8, manipulated the Hive on the Moon9, attempted to interfere with messages from the Darkness10, made the Cabal homeworld of Torobatl vulnerable to invasion by Xivu Arath11, and masterminded the Endless Night.12

She is also responsible for a strange song that’s been spreading throughout the Solar System, as well as messages left in a variety of places, including the Chronicon and the Books of Sorrow. 131415 Despite being a Hive goddess, Savathûn has been perhaps the most doubtful of the three Hive gods regarding her adherence to the Darkness, even mentioning to Oryx that she has no proof that the Final Shape exists.16

Soon after Sagira’s death, Savathûn began impersonating Osiris.17 During this time, Osiris was partially aware of Savathûn’s actions but was unable to warn anyone of the deception.18

Under the guise of a grieving Osiris, Savathûn continued hunting the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath.1920 Zavala sent the Guardian to recover Osiris, which led to the Guardian encountering the Crow for the first time.20 A disguised Savathûn assisted Crow and the Guardian with eliminating the High Celebrant; she also served as a mentor figure to Crow.2122

Unaware of Savathûn’s deception, Ikora became concerned for Osiris’ health and asked that Zavala take him on as an advisor.23

In this capacity, Savathûn accompanied Zavala to a meeting with Caiatl, who sought to ally the Cabal with the City after the fall of her homeworld Torobatl; Savathûn advised Zavala against such an alliance.24 In response, Caiatl launched an incursion in Sol.25 Savathûn oversaw the Guardian’s destruction of Caiatl’s War Council alongside Zavala and Lord Saladin.2526

As Osiris, Savathûn also advised the Guardian as they boarded the Glykon in search of a missing Guardian.27 After the Guardian discovered the Crown of Sorrow, she expressed a desire for it to be recovered from the ship, despite Caiatl’s protests that it be destroyed.28

When the Endless Night first engulfed the City, Savathûn was among those who recommended seeking out the Sacred Splicer Mithrax.29 With Mithrax, she utilized her disguise in order to oversee the Guardian’s incursions into the Vex network.30 She also helped the Guardian to find and destroy Quria, ending the Endless Night.31

During the Endless Night, Savathûn became involved in Lakshmi’s plan to overthrow the Vanguard.323334 She also attempted to find the Cabal Light suppressor that had been used on Zavala’s Ghost.35 When the Vex attacked Botza, Savathûn left the City.36

Shortly after Quria’s defeat, Ikora issued a warrant for Osiris’ arrest, citing a belief that he had been involved in Lakshmi-2’s attack on the Eliksni.17 Saint-14 and the Guardian travelled to the Dreaming City to collect him, where they found him with Mara Sov. Savathûn then transformed into a crystalized cocoon, revealing that she had taken control of Osiris months ago. However, she assured the Guardian that she would relinquish control of Osiris in exchange for assistance with removing her Worm.1737

After masterminding the Endless Night, Savathun revealed herself to be impersonating Osiris, and was imprisoned by the Awoken in exchange for having her worm removed 17. During this time, she returned Crow’s memories 38.

At the end of her imprisonment, her worm was removed via a ritual, and Savathun escaped by switching places with the now-comatose Osiris. In doing so, she sustained fatal injuries, and died on a hill overlooking the City, only to be immediately resurrected by what was now her Ghost, Immaru. 39 Immaru explained her past to her, and she returned to her throne world to create more Lucent Hive. 40 During this time, she plotted to regain her memories by tricking a Guardian into recovering them using artifacts and specially prepared altars in her throne world.41 This plan succeeded, and Savathun regained many of her prior memories.

With her memories restored, Savathun began a ritual to steal the Traveler and seal it in her throne world; this ritual was disrupted by the same Young Wolf that had indirectly restored her memories.42 In the process of stopping the ritual, the Young Wolf used a memory they’d recovered to reveal to Savathun that the Hive had been manipulated by the Darkness before they had even met the Worm Gods.42 Unsettled by this, Savathun reacted violently, and was killed. Her body was recovered by the Hidden, but her Ghost remains free, and continues to direct the Lucent Brood.43

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