Pretender To The Throne

Variks: Oryx is dead. Taken, unleashed. Many seek to claim the throne.

Ghost: I thought that killing Oryx would have ended the threat. Instead, we have created a power vacuum.

Mausoleum, Dreadaught, Rings Of Saturn

Variks: Taken power strong here. New leader rises. He hungers for Oryx's power.

Ghost: One Taken King was enough, thank you.

The Founts

Variks: Taken are cautious. Hiding.

Ghost: I don't think it will be a problem.

Guardian engages the Taken in lower level of the Founts

Ghost: And here we go.

Guardian clears first wave of Taken

Ghost: No sign of a new Taken prince yet...

Variks: He is close.

Malok appears

Variks: Malok. Capture him, Guardian. Bring him to Prison of Elders.

Ghost: You want him alive? Whatever happened to "kill them back"?

Guardian defeats more waves

Malok disappears

Ghost: He's getting away!

Variks: Prey wants to run. We follow. Taken will hold his Echo. Find it, and find Malok.

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