16: Politics

"Osiris, I'm sorry. Ikora cannot assume your role."

"Ikora, leave please."

She turns to him with a keen tone, "Is it rude for the subject of the conversation to be present?"

"She may stay if she wishes. She deserves to hear why." The Speaker nods to Ikora.

She responds, "I agree."


"Good, now. Osiris—

"Let her stand before the Consensus." Osiris composes himself. "She is more than capable of assuming my duties, and…" hushed now, "she's in good hands here."

The Speaker leans forward. "Osiris. You cannot be allowed to elect your replacement; it took many conversations for us to reach where we are. The Consensus has expectations of the Vanguard. There are duties to be met."

"Speaker; I understand." Ikor—


The Speaker straightens his posture. "Agreements that keep the peace, so that we may fight for a future, together."

"Ikora would be my best representative. She is not a replacement."

"You must be present to perform your duties."

Osiris's eyes bore into the Speaker's mask. "What is my duty if not to protect this City? We are a point in the darkness. We cannot wait for the threats to arrive. Someone has to meet them."

The Speaker stands. "We will. In time, together."

Osiris sighs, "Be patient…" A lick of malice bled from the word.


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