Ikora Rey

— The current Warlock Vanguard and leader of the Hidden.

Ikora Rey is the second Warlock Vanguard, having been appointed to the position after the banishment of Osiris.1 Since her appointment, she has served as a leader and a mentor to young Guardians.2

She also leads the Hidden, a group of Guardians tasked with entering enemy strongholds to gather information.34 Known members include Eris Morn and Chalco Yong.35

As a new Guardian, Ikora made a name for herself in the Crucible as a fierce opponent, being the first to achieve a 25-match winning streak.6 Alongside her reputation as a fighter, she was well known within Warlock academia for her outspoken nature.2

After she made this reputation, she “spent some time trying to outrun it.”7 She left Earth, flying across the inner system in order to gather reconnaissance.2 While traveling, Ikora abstained from the Tower’s ideology, preferring a straightforward approach to her education. She at one point dabbled in thanatonautics, to the discomfort of her Ghost; some time after this event, she and her Ghost stopped speaking.89 Her shotgun, Invective, is also from her days beyond the City’s walls.10

Ikora eventually returned to the Tower, and her newfound knowledge gained her the respect of her contemporaries.2 After her return, she began an apprenticeship with the first Warlock Vanguard, Osiris.11 However, as Osiris’ obsession with the Vex grew, their relationship began to falter; when Osiris left the Tower, Ikora stayed to tend to her duties as the new Warlock Vanguard.12

Ikora took part in the Great Ahamkara Hunt alongside Guardians such as Eris Morn.13

Ikora advised the Guardian after they inadvertently discovered the Warmind Rasputin.1415 She also assisted them in their quest to find and enter the Black Garden.1617

Following Eris’ escape from the Moon, Ikora worked with her and the Guardian to destroy Crota and his court.18 During this time, she also instructed the Guardian to kill the Undying Mind in order to keep the Black Garden from being hidden away once more.1920

When Oryx first arrived in the system, Ikora worked with the rest of the Vanguard to assess the threat and to gather more information about the Taken.2122 After the Guardian sent Oryx back into his Throne World, Ikora worked with Eris to find a way into the Ascendant realm in order to defeat him permanently.23 Following Oryx’s final death, Ikora spearheaded the mission to clear Venus of the remaining Taken.2425

During the Transmission Crisis, Ikora worked with the Owl Sector to uncover the origin and purpose of the SIVA prototypes that began to flood the City.2627

When the Red Legion attacked the City, Ikora helped to defend evacuating civilians before attempting to find the Speaker.28 While she was injured after the Traveler was caged, she was able to escape the City.29 After she escaped, she traveled to the Shard of the Traveler in hopes that her Light would be restored.30 When this plan failed, she traveled to Io, where she spent a period of time attempting to eliminate the Red Legion’s presence on the moon.3132 Some time later, the Guardian arrived on Io, searching for her.33

While on Io, Ikora worked with the Guardian and Asher Mir in order to access a Warmind Vault and gather more intelligence about the Almighty.34

Ikora then returned to the Farm, assisting Suraya Hawthorne and the other members of the Vanguard in formulating a plan to free the Traveler.35

While the Guardian boarded the Almighty on a mission to disable its weapons, Ikora took part in the retaking of the City.36 While she, Cayde, and Zavala were injured in the attack, they were able to assist the Guardian in defeating Ghaul and freeing the Traveler.37

When Osiris’ Ghost Sagira was damaged and separated from her Guardian, one of the Hidden located her shell and brought her to Ikora.38 Ikora helped the Guardian to repair Sagira.39 She also took part in the Guardian’s effort to find and destroy Panoptes, Infinite Mind.4011

Following the murder of Cayde-6 at the hands of Prince Uldren Sov, Ikora encouraged the Guardian to seek revenge, informing them of Uldren’s presence in the Tangled Shore.41

In the months following Cayde’s death, Ikora began to assess what she saw as the failings of the Vanguard in the wake of the Red War and the loss of the Hunter Vanguard.42 She and Commander Zavala considered resigning their posts, as well as the possibility of dissolving the Vanguard entirely.

At some point, Eris Morn informed Ikora that she was traveling to the Scarlet Keep in order to investigate a potential threat to humanity.43 When a mysterious seismic disturbance was detected from the Moon, the Guardian was sent to investigate and find Eris; they discovered a Pyramid.44 As Eris and the Guardian began to investigate the Pyramid and its Nightmares, Ikora offered Eris the Vanguard’s assistance in their efforts.45

During this time, Ikora also assisted the Guardian in containing the Vex invasion of the Moon, a quest that ended with the destruction of the resurrected Undying Mind.4647

Following the death of the Undying Mind, Osiris contacted Ikora to inform her that the Mind’s death changed all of the projected futures within the Infinite Forest.48 Some time later, Ikora’s Hidden began to pick up signs of unusual Red Legion activity on Mercury; she asked the Guardian to investigate and to locate Osiris.49 Through Hidden intelligence, Ikora had some knowledge of the Red Legion’s use of the Sundial and the threat it posed.50 As a result, she instructed Osiris to mobilize the Guardians and mitigate the damage done by the Red Legion before their actions impacted the rest of the system.50

While the City was preparing for the arrival of the Black Fleet, Ikora led the City’s siege preparations; she and Zavala also met with the Consensus to discuss how to address the threat of the Pyramids.5152 She also worked with Eris and Asher to understand the Tree of Silver Wings and its appearance on Io.53

Following the disappearances of Mercury, Mars, Io, and Titan, Ikora met with the Guardian to discuss what had occurred.54 When Guardians began traveling to Europa and wielding Stasis, Eris wrote to Ikora and Zavala in an attempt to convince them of Stasis’ benefits.5556 Despite this, the Vanguard’s official stance was that Guardians were not to use Stasis.57 However, this ban was eventually lifted.58 Despite this, Ikora asked Aunor Mahal, a member of the Hidden, to hunt down Guardians who had been corrupted by the Darkness.58

Soon after the disappearance of the planets, Petra Venj alerted the Vanguard to Awoken reports of increased Hive activity, alongside Cabal afflicted with a disease of Hive origin.59 Around this time, Osiris, who was investigating strange monoliths appearing throughout the system, was possessed by Savathûn after his Ghost was destroyed.60

When Savathûn returned to the City posing as Osiris, Ikora did not discover the deception.61 Assuming Osiris was distraught over the loss of Sagira, she recommended that he serve as an advisor to Zavala; additionally, she and Zavala lifted his exile.6263

When the Endless Night first engulfed the City, Ikora consulted with the disguised Savathûn; they decided to seek out the Sacred Splicer Mithrax.64 Acting on her Hidden’s reports, Ikora instructed the Guardian to go to Europa to find Mithrax and ask him for assistance.65 Ikora also offered Mithrax and House Light shelter in the Last City.65

As a member of the Vanguard, Ikora also worked with the Factions in the wake of House Light’s arrival in the City. When Lakshmi-2 looked into the future with the Future War Cult’s Device and saw Mithrax standing in a destroyed City, it was Ikora who received her report.66 Lakshmi also used her radio broadcasts to suggest Ikora was an unfit leader who had made a mistake by allowing the Eliksni into the City.6768

When the Eliksni encampment in Botza was sabotaged, Ikora suggested that Lakshmi’s broadcasts had triggered the unrest.69 In a radio broadcast, she declared that those responsible would be brought to justice.70

When it was discovered that Quria was at the center of the Endless Night, Ikora assisted Mithrax and the Guardian in finding and destroying the Vex Mind.71 After Quria’s defeat, however, Ikora remained wary of Savathûn’s larger plan.72

Following the attempted attack on the Last City, Ikora was unable to locate Osiris.73

Shortly after Osiris’ disappearance, Ikora issued a warrant for his arrest, wishing to question him about his involvement in Lakshmi-2’s attack on the Eliksni.74 However, while attempting to recover Osiris, the Guardian discovered that Savathûn had been posing as Osiris since Sagira’s death; Savathûn then made a pact with Mara Sov and the Guardian to return Osiris in exchange for assistance. Ikora expressed her frustration regarding the situation but advised the Guardian to keep to Mara Sov’s pact in order to see Osiris returned.75

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