Ikora Rey

— The current Warlock Vanguard and leader of the Hidden.

Ikora Rey is the second Warlock Vanguard, having been appointed to the position after the banishment of Osiris.1 Since her appointment she has served as a leader and a mentor to young Guardians.2

As a new Guardian, Rey made a name for herself in the Crucible as a fierce opponent, being the first to achieve a 25-match winning streak.3 Alongside her reputation as a fighter she was well known within Warlock academia for her outspoken nature.2

After she made this reputation, Rey “spent some time trying to outrun it.”4 She left Earth, flying across the inner system in order to gather reconnaissance.2 While traveling, Ikora abstained from the Tower’s ideology, preferring a straightforward approach to her education. She at one point dabbled in thanatonautics, to the discomfort of her Ghost; sometime after this event, she and her Ghost stopped speaking.56 Her shotgun, Invective, is also from her days beyond the City’s walls.7

Ikora eventually returned to the Tower, and her newfound knowledge gained her the respect of her contemporaries.2 After her return, she began an apprenticeship with the first Warlock Vanguard, Osiris.8 However, as Osiris’ obsession with the Vex grew their relationship began to falter, and when Osiris left the Tower, Ikora stayed to tend to her duties as the new Warlock Vanguard.9

Rey leads the Hidden, a group of Guardians tasked with entering enemy strongholds to gather information for Warlocks. Known members include Eris Morn and Chalco Yong.1011

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