Article: Hot Off the Shelf

By Ember Hadad, Senior Editor at the City Herald

My new friend is an unassuming young man in a torn flight jacket, still coated in a fine layer of dust. His Ghost, Rivet, is looking impressively smug for a small metal being.

"They told me I'd never find my Guardian," Rivet tells me. "That I should try my luck with the Hive! But look at him. He's beautiful!"

Like all Risen, Rivet's beautiful new Guardian has no memory of who he was, where he is, or what his purpose might be. But he nods agreeably when Rivet explains to him that Guardians protect the Last City.

"I'm here to fight Fallen and Cabal," the Guardian says proudly. "But only the mean ones."

"He's still figuring a few details out," Rivet says.

It's been a very eventful past few years in the Sol system. I ask Rivet: At this point in time, how does a Ghost go about getting their new Guardian up to speed?

"Well, you start by warning them about what threats we'll be facing in the field, right? I haven't… really gotten into the part about the end of the world just yet, though."

Rivet's Guardian looks confused. "The world is ending?"

Vanguard Operative Shaw Han, my escort through the Cosmodrome and local shepherd of those he calls New Lights, has similar advice.

"It helps to focus on the basics. Let them test out their Light, learn what they're capable of. The details can come later."

Even now?

"Yep. Once they've got a handle on the little things, saving the world comes naturally."

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