Article: United in Hope—Our Neighbors in Neomuna

By Emmanuil Utkin, Staff Writer at the City Herald

Confirmation of a Human settlement on Neptune was only one of several shocking revelations over the course of recent years. Its discovery marks a sea change in our collective access to Golden Age information and technology long thought to be lost. Perhaps more importantly, it heralds potential reconnection with the rest of our people. Who are these Neomuni? Are they anything like us?

Real-time communication between Neomuna and Earth is still stymied by the logistics of crossing enemy lines, in addition to Neomuna's communications restrictions. Data transmissions from Neomuna are strictly controlled and scrutinized for Vex corruption. Therefore, Vanguard sources provided assistance contacting Neomuni citizens; we asked willing individuals to share their perspectives on the possibilities of a long-awaited reunion with Earth.

Despite the dangers, many Neomuna denizens are optimistic about the curtain coming down some day in the future. A brief selection of their thoughts follows:

"I don't know how things would have shaken out if we'd stayed on Earth. Maybe we wouldn't have the CloudArk or nanotechnology. But if we make it through this fight with the Witness, I think it's only fair we send over, you know, what we have on food production, terraforming… There's a whole planet to reclaim."

"I'd love to read some new Earth literature. I always assumed that the stories we managed to bring with us were going to be the last of their kind. Does anyone over there like detective stories?"

"It's been interesting to see the Guardians at work. Is everyone on Earth like that? Going at Mach 12 all the time?"

Stay tuned for continued coverage, including a guest feature from Neomuna's very own Jisu Calerondo!

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