Channeling Robes (CODA)

A metaphysical bust: for one who seeks answers about the Dark.

"What is the Darkness?"

You open your eyes to gaze upon your weary soul, seeking an answer to your question.

You see a world in the space B E T W E E N.

You see only what the Light left you: every day there will ever be, unmarred. Forever.

For you and all those like you.

But the Dark has returned.

And when Light and Dark meet, universes collapse.

Not something to mourn. Natural order.

But we believe you exist to buck natural order. You always did. Even before the Dark.

Before the Light.

When it was just you. And those like you.

We would learn more.

The heavens above you are clear of stars and shadows.

Your feet find purchase on a three-dimensional plane.

Your bond's glow is dim; there is no Light here. Or Dark.

Channeling Wraps (CODA)

Category: Channeling Suit

Channeling Treads (CODA)

Channeling Wraps (CODA)

Category: Trials Channeling Suit

Channeling Treads (CODA)