Channeling Wraps (CODA)

A metaphysical guard: for one who seeks answers about the Dark.

"What is the Darkness?"

You open your eyes and gaze at your hands, seeking an answer to your question.

You see a world in the space B E T W E E N.

You notice red ribbons bind your wrists. They lead far away from here, across a vast, white expanse, disappearing into infinity.

We tied those ribbons. To see what you would do.

So that we could learn. About you. And this system.

It was our Emissary's idea.

Second contact. We have learned since then.

The heavens above you are clear of stars and shadows.

Your soul is weary.

Your feet find purchase on a three-dimensional plane.

Your bond's glow is dim; there is no Light here. Or Dark.

Channeling Cowl (CODA)

Category: Channeling Suit

Channeling Robes (CODA)

Channeling Cowl (CODA)

Category: Trials Channeling Suit

Channeling Robes (CODA)