Chapter 25

Immaru and Archie nervously stared at their second assembled prototype on the table.

The tech knitted through the salvaged organic components had been upgraded: a Cabal sword replaced its right hand. Splicer wiring wove through its left arm. Vex milk coursed throughout its veins. The rest had been completely pieced together from carefully procured Headless One parts, reassembled into a patchwork of organic horror. It oozed a dark, gelatinous liquid from its seams and smelled of death.

Next to the body was the final piece: a perfectly intact pumpkin head. Archie sniffed and pawed at the dormant head, and the pumpkin rocked from side to side.

"Careful," Immaru snapped. "Those things don't sever easily without exploding." He shuddered. "One favor to Drifter is enough."

Immaru attached the head to the body. A perfect, mutilated fit. He opened the chest cavity, the flesh stretching and tearing as he inserted a discolored Hive crystal inside. Energy surged though the Headless monster, and a haunting red light flickered inside its head. It howled and snarled as it sat up.

"Ahahaha, it's perfect. Perfect!" Immaru mused with glee. "You want candy, huh? You crave it. Need it," Immaru said to the monster. It ambled forward and swiped its good arm at him in response.

"Then go out there and get it. All of it," Immaru said. The monster found its footing and began to hurry toward the door. Archie growled and raced after it as Immaru giggled with delight.

"Now the real fun begins."

Chapter 24

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