Chapter 24

When Eido found Ikora, she was meditating beneath a jacaranda tree, away from the noise of the Bazaar.

"Is there something you need?" Ikora asked, amusement apparent in her voice, her eyes still closed.

"I'm sorry to disturb you," Eido said.

"Not at all," Ikora replied. She patted the ground beside her. "Glint tells me you have aspirations of becoming an author of scary stories. How are you doing?"

"It was going well at first. I had so many ideas! But now, I think I'm 'blocked' as Glint put it. I thought that writing could help me handle my fears. I've been… very scared of a lot of things lately."

Ikora looked at her knowingly. "Eris," she simply said.

Eido nodded. "But my writing is not improving in spite of my fear; it is suffering from it. When we used the Deck of Whispers—"

Ikora quirked an eyebrow, and Eido raised one of her hands. "I know, I know, Glint said he left a note. The cards made me realize that there are so many different sources of fear in the universe. A multitude of threats. Of unknowns. Perhaps that has become my greatest source of dread."

"It's important to be honest with yourself and what you're feeling," Ikora replied kindly. "You are not alone in these thoughts, these fears. But don't let the cards distract you. They are not meant to tell your fortune or future. They are meant as a guide, a form of insight into yourself. You are the one who ascertains a course of action. Not the cards."

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