Chapter 3

After a few arduous attempts and one superbly acted sob story told to an incredibly gullible Ghost, Immaru eventually sauntered off in a new Constricting Shell. In his latest disguise, he skulked through halls and hangars and workshops, scanning everything and anything he could find on his way to the Courtyard. There, he hovered among the gnarled branches of a giant tree, nearly invisible among the colorful lanterns adorning it.

He watched Guardians meditate among candles, the flames flickering in the breeze. Others, dressed as insects and arachnids, gleefully danced or bobbed for apples, their revelry flanked by a pair of Guardians "galloping" by with coconut shells.

Amid the flurry of costumes and masks, his gaze finally settled on people sharing small, wrapped objects. Immaru gingerly floated closer to the base of the tree to get a better look.

"Hey, move along, pal. I saw that candy first," a voice sneered from behind him.

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