Chapter 2

The room Eris had stuck Immaru in was minuscule. There were no windows to watch the hours and days pass by. No electronics to hack. Just containers of decommissioned armor stacked against the far wall, and one small, empty crate in the middle of the room, adorned with a handwritten sign that simply said "YOU" and an arrow pointing menacingly downward. It was placed there as a warning, after he was caught lurking around the more sensitive areas of the Tower. Ikora had confiscated his Shaded Shell disguise and placed a Hidden agent somewhere outside to report on his every move. She did, however, leave some blank crossword pages for him.

Immaru stared at the crate, emitting a low-pitched growl, as a lone sweeper bot entered, surprising the Ghost. He circled, then scanned his random and unexpected visitor. It was standard issue, nothing special. Immaru was disappointed.

"I still can't believe Savathûn would do this to me," Immaru said to the bot as he flew directly into its face. "The nerve of it all, leaving me here as collateral. And then to ask for information? Hmph."

He watched the bot shuffle away and broom the open crate. "Then again, who says I have to share everything?"

Immaru swooped around, quickly hacking into the sweeper bot's systems. "Grab an empty kit bag from over here. Should be just the right size if I remove a little weight." As the bot complied, Immaru chuckled, shedding his standard Hive shell. "Right… time for a jailbreak."

Candescent Strides

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Chapter 24

Candescent Strides

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Chapter 24

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