Checking the Chamber

"Your 'Jacks sure can clear a table. Combat area's clean. We're prepped and ready—set for the first run on Nessus.

"The Drifter'll pick up your Guardians en route. Have your 'Jacks primed to engage if—when—it all goes wrong. Not saying I have doubts, but if it hasn't been clear… I have doubts.

"I'll be nearby, as discussed. Anything goes off-rails, we'll close in and shut it down.

"After, if it runs smooth—and we're not all dead—he says he'll set up shop in the Tower. Seems risky, yeah, but that's his lot to handle. Truth is I'd much rather have him Tower-side where he can be watched and 'collected' if it comes to that. The alternative—him runnin' free-and-clear through the system—isn't an option. He's too much of a liability on his own. Luckily, he seems… open to havin' you nearby.

"Still get the sense this whole shindig is something he's cookin' up to face down some big, bad news—some problem he's making ours. But that's his nature."

—A Renegade's Observations of a Drifter

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