The Drifter

— A rogue Lightbearer and the organiser of Gambit.

According to the Drifter, he and a group of others left the system around the start of the City Age.1 Some hundreds of years later, the group found a planet beyond the system, one that “repulsed Light” similar to the gun Thorn.1 There, the group found a series of alien monoliths, each containing a captured creature; these creatures were similar to the Hive, but had a natural Light-suppression field.2

Motivated by the potential of a new weapon, the group began looking for a way to capture and transport the creatures off of their planet.3 However, tensions grew as crew members began dying randomly, unable to resurrect due to their suppressed Light.3 A year into the expedition, the crew was down to four members.4 At this point, the four became Lightless as a result of the Traveler being contained by Ghaul. The four drew on each other, and only the Drifter survived to leave the planet.4

According to the Renegade, a name adopted by Shin Malphur while hunting the Shadows of Yor, the Drifter moved Cityside shortly before the Scorn Barons' escape from the Prison of Elders, coming back into civilization from beyond the Reef.5 The two eventually met, and the Drifter gave the Renegade the location of Callum, a Shadow of Yor.6 As the Drifter began attempting to bring Gambit to the City, the Renegade encouraged the idea, convincing Shaxx to let Gambit be run.7 The Renegade wanted to use Gambit as a way to drive the remaining Shadows of Yor out of hiding, a plan the Drifter seemed to agree to.8 However, the Drifter may have his own plan to kill the Shin Malphur instead of helping kill the Shadows of Yor.9

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