Cloak of Trepidation

Acolytes of Nezarec: Koraxis - V

The whispers and screams drilled into Koraxis's mind. He lifted his hands to his face. Whimpers and pitiful chitters were the only sounds that escaped him.

Again, the scenery around him had shifted, and he stood on the edge of a meteorite. Though the Reef was vast, he recognized the ship debris flowing past him, but it was different than he remembered, twisted in horrifying shapes. The deep purples and blues were dimmed. It was quiet, save for his own personal audience.

Koraxis held up the eye in his deteriorated hands. It still pulsed with energy.

…Free me…

He heard the allure, a voice seducing his soul to do its bidding, but the distortion that followed it reminded Koraxis why he'd come to this place. An untraceable end for this cursed relic.

He balled his fist around the eye. The screams pierced his ears as they grew louder. A dark hand reached out to him, fingers inches from his arm. Koraxis flung the eye into the Reef with all the strength he could muster.

He collapsed.

And then a knock on the door.

Koraxis jolted awake, hand already outstretched to grab his gun. The whispers were gone, his quarters were quiet. He gazed around the room, dazed.

Koraxis stumbled out of bed and delicately approached the door. He aimed down his sights.

The metal creaked open.

Outside was a Human, dressed in a dark, ornate cloak, one hand raised in greeting, the other tightly holding a tome. It gave off the same nightmarish energy as the eye… as Nezarec.

"Apologies for disturbing your sleep," said the man in a tongue Koraxis loosely understood. "But would you happen to be Koraxis?"

Boots of Trepidation

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Boots of Trepidation

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