— A Disciple of the Witness who became a part of Eliksni legend.

Nezarec was the subject of a pre-Golden Age text, “Of Hated Nezarec.”1

Nezarec was a Disciple of the Witness.23 He was the Disciple that led the Collapse, or the Witness’ first assault on Earth.4 After the Traveler repelled the Darkness, Nezarec and his Pyramid crashed on the Moon.4

When the Eliksni first entered Sol, they discovered him entombed within the Lunar Pyramid. The Eliksni “harvested” Nezarec’s body, creating several relics; one relic was in Misraaks’ possession for a period. Over time, however, the relics became scattered across the system.2

At some point, Eris Morn ventured into the Lunar Pyramid and discovered an ancient glaive, Nezarec’s Whisper.3

After the Witness released her from her prison, Eramis sought to rediscover all of the relics of Nezarec.5 In order to keep them out of her hands, the Guardian, assisted by House Light, began hunting down the relics themselves.67

The Guardian recovered the relics of Nezarec.8 Meanwhile, Eido began searching for a way to unlock the relics’ power, though Misraaks was wary of what might occur.9 Eido also discovered an ancient dirge describing the “curse of Nezarec.”9

There are many known Tombs of Nezarec.2 The Drifter claimed to have visited the Fourth Tomb.1011

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