Edge of Concurrence

An echo of an ancient weapon, forged from a memory of ambition.

With a fresh mind and searching eyes, the Scheme-Mother-Reborn returned to her throne world, which, without the edge of sword logic, had become a shell of itself.

Here, she strolled the parapets and fell deep into contemplation. Although she could remember nothing, her mind was as sharp as a tooth.

When she emerged from her contemplation, the Whisper-Queen addressed her brood.

She said:

My children, I know the truth, and out of my love for you, I will share it.

Before them, she killed her most trusted witch in a transcendent blaze of Light.

This witch became the first of the Lucent, the first resurrected in the image of the queen herself.

—An excerpt from "The Books of Rememoration, A Story Sewn into Flesh with Sinew and Malice, A Record of the Scheme-Mother's Resurrection and Return"

Cold Denial

Category: The Logic of the Sword

Eleatic Principle