Findings of Eido – 18

"Would you like… some tea?"

The trip to Luna had been a short one, but now Eido sat uncomfortably in a folding chair in Eris Morn's dwelling. Her host poured steaming liquid from a vessel into a small ceramic cup. The Scribe took it politely, trying to keep the contents from spilling over the rim.

"So you believe the Headless Ones are connected to this 'Hall Between,'" Eris said.

"Yes," Eido answered. "I do not believe they are of Hive origin."

"I see."

"Oh! You do? I was wondering…" Eido trailed off under Eris's stare.

The Scribe looked down at her tea. Humans tended to drink such things communally, but Eris had not poured a cup for herself. Letting her eyes wander, Eido realized the room was oddly bare but for the teapot and a tattered mat at the door's threshold. The lettering on it was illegible.

There was a long silence.

"I was asked to make this place more hospitable," Eris said. Eido wasn't sure if that was an explanation or an apology.

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