Eris Morn

— A Hunter and one of the founding members of the First Crota fireteam.

According to Hidden reports, Eris Morn was born in the Last City over 300 years ago, a child of civilian parents.1 Some time later, she died and was resurrected. This information contradicted messages sent to the Guardian from a source claiming to be Morn, in which she stated that her original name was Erisia Pyatova-Hsien and that she was born in Russia during the Golden Age.2 Morn personally denied sending these messages.1

Eris participated in the Great Ahamkara Hunt alongside Guardians such as Wei Ning, Commander Zavala, and Lord Shaxx.34 During the Hunt, Morn wrote to Queen Mara Sov advising her that Ahamkara may flee to Awoken territory to escape slaughter; she encouraged Sov to kill them on sight.5 At some point, Morn came into the possession of an Ahamkara bone.6

Following the Great Hunt, the Vanguard sought to retake the Moon from the Hive.6 This led to the Great Disaster, during which thousands of Guardians were killed by Crota and his army.7 Afterwards, Morn and another Warlock, Eriana-3, began attempting to find a way to kill Crota and avenge those who had been lost.8 Morn and Eriana-3 sought out Toland, the Shattered, who had forbidden knowledge of the Hive and knew how to kill Crota.8 The two also began to recruit a fireteam, which included Vell Tarlowe, Omar Agah, and Sai Mota.91011 The six Guardians traveled to the Moon in an attempt to enter Crota’s Throne World and eliminate him.12

Of the six Guardians that entered the Hellmouth, only Morn escaped.13 Her Ghost, Brya, sacrificed herself to save Morn.14 Despite being nearly Lightless, Morn survived in the tunnels of the Moon for years, using a copy of Toland’s journal to guide her.15 She also used the Ahamkara bone she kept with her, which granted her knowledge of how to escape the Moon.6

Upon escaping from the Hive fortress on the Moon, she returned to the Tower to warn of the return of Crota. She also operated as one of Ikora Rey’s Hidden, going on missions for her.16

Following her return to the Tower, Morn helped the Guardian to prevent Crota’s Wakening.17 After Crota’s soul was banished, the Guardian traveled to Crota’s Throne and destroyed him, killing him permanently.18

After the release of Skolas, two Guardians visited the Queen of the Reef and asked for aid in defeating Oryx. It seems likely that one of these Guardians was Morn, being a female Hunter without a Ghost. It is believed that the other Guardian was Osiris. Neither of these possibilities has been confirmed.19

Some time after Crota was killed, Oryx arrived in Sol seeking vengeance for his lost son.20 Morn led the Guardian in finding a way to kill Oryx, first in the physical world and then in his Throne World.2122

During this time, Morn was also assisting Mara Sov in her efforts to gain power; it was through Morn that the Awoken first learned of Oryx.23 Prior to Oryx’s arrival in the system, Sov told Morn the majority of her secret plan to defeat Oryx and his sisters.24 After Sov was killed by Oryx’s Dreadnaught, she became trapped in his Throne World; only after Morn and the Guardians killed Oryx was she able to escape.22

Shortly before the Red Legion attacked the Last City, Morn vanished.25 Following her departure, she seemingly kept up communication with Asher Mir, including asking him about the Hive Prince Nokris.26

Some time after she left the City, Morn went to Mara Sov with a Golden Age artifact.27 She believed that there were others hidden among Sol and that they could be used to decipher Savathûn’s riddles. Sov joined Morn in an expedition across the system. In their search, Morn discovered something that confirmed her “worst fears” had been on the Moon all along.27

Morn went to Ikora Rey with evidence of a potential threat to humanity residing on the Moon; she went alone to determine the scale of the threat.28 While exploring, she triggered a disturbance near the Scarlet Keep and unleashed the Nightmares of her friends and past enemies. The source of these Nightmares was revealed to be the ancient Pyramid underneath the surface of the Moon.28

Morn worked with the Guardian to vanquish the Nightmares and eliminate Crota's daughter, Hashladûn, who had been leading the Hidden Swarm.29 Following Hashladûn’s defeat, Morn asked the Guardian to travel into the Hellmouth to find the Cryptoglyph, which the Hidden Swarm used to protect themselves from the Pyramid’s Nightmares.30 Once the Guardian had the Cryptoglyph, they ventured to the Pyramid, but were unsuccessful in harming it. However, they received an unknown artifact, which they gave to Morn.31

After the Guardian returned from the Pyramid, Vex began flooding the Moon, drawn there by the Pyramid.32 Morn found a way into the Black Garden, but since she was already occupied by the study of the Pyramid, she recommended that Rey and the Guardian work to stop the Vex invasion.33

The Guardian also assisted Morn in vanquishing the Nightmares of her former fireteam, whom the Pyramid had sent to torment her.34

Some time after the Pyramid on the Moon was discovered, a Pyramid arrived on Io and neutralized Rasputin.35 Zavala asked the Guardian to find Morn; the Guardian began searching for her on Io, where they found her beneath a Tree of Silver Wings.36 She attempted to claim the Seed of Silver Wings from the Tree, but was denied. In her place, the Guardian took the Seed.36

After this event, Morn went to Zavala to inform him of what had transpired. Morn informed him that she wished to return to Io, despite Zavala’s objections.36

Following the arrival of the Pyramid, Morn made camp on Io. The Pyramid began to transmit messages; however, Savathûn worked to keep the Guardians from being able to understand their contents.37 Morn called on the Guardian to continually retake the Tree and dispel Savathûn’s interference so that she could interpret these messages from the Darkness.38

While Morn was camping on Io, she came into contact with a Guardian named Enina.39 However, following an unknown Ghost seemingly spying on her camp, Morn became suspicious.4041 Morn confronted Enina about her intentions; Enina confessed that she and her fireteam wanted to learn more about the Darkness. Still fearing spies, Morn sent her away.42

During her stay on Io, Morn discovered something new growing in the Cradle. She determined that it was a gift from the Pyramid and decided to invite Zavala to see it.43 When he arrived, Morn told him of her plan to wield the Pyramid’s gift against it. While Zavala was cautious, he did not forbid her plan. Eris offered the gift to the Guardian, who accepted it.44 The two then used the gift to create the Ruinous Effigy.45

With the arrival of the Pyramids, Eris Morn and the Drifter worked together in order to learn more about the Darkness.46

Some time after the Pyramids arrived in the system, the Exo Stranger came to Morn, offering her guidance on how to resist the corruptive influence of the Darkness.47 Alongside the Stranger, Morn and the Drifter traveled to Europa. There, they met with the Guardian, who began learning how to wield Stasis in order to defeat Eramis, Kell of Darkness.48

While on Europa, Morn communicated with the Vanguard in an attempt to convince them of the benefits of Guardians using Stasis.49 Despite these attempts, however, the Vanguard remained suspicious of the trio’s activities.50

Morn harbored some doubts about the Exo Stranger and the Drifter, fearing that they may fail or deceive the Guardian population.51

During this time, Morn continued to report to Mara Sov.52

Following the Guardian’s defeat of Eramis, Eris returned to the Moon.53

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Is it you?
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It's just me.
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