Gauntlets of the Great Hunt

I wish to be indestructible.

I am [Riven]. My work on the Dreaming [City] is complete.

I have done everything [the Queen] asked of me. But this is a [bargain].

I did so much more than that.

[The Queen] and her ilk will not understand for some time, though I think [the Queen] can see the signs. What I carved into the small corners. In the Wall of [Wishes] itself.

This will be a beautiful [City].

But not a safe [City].

Cloak of the Great Hunt

Category: The Great Ahamkara Hunt

Gloves of the Great Hunt

Helm of the Great Hunt

Category: Great Hunt Suit (Titan)

Plate of the Great Hunt

Fifteenth Wish

Category: Riven

Gloaming Journeyer