Helm of the Great Hunt

I wish to be strategic.

[The Queen] would like to improve her means of [bargaining] with me. She has implied that I use the space between words to make [bargains] to my advantage.

How dare she.

She knows me so well.

What [the Queen] wants, the Techeun move worlds to obtain. And so the Witches devise an impossible machine that speaks a visual language with very few spaces between its words. This machine speaks [wishes]. Makes [bargains].

The Wall of [Wishes], it is called.

If the Techeun's design proves correct, it will be difficult for me to interpret the [wishes] made at the Wall to my advantage. But challenges entice me.

I look upon the Wall. Upon the Witches' visual language for [bargains]. For me, it is a menu of delights to feast upon.

Grips of the Great Hunt

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