PARTIES: Two [2] Ghost-type, designate Koro, Harmonia
ASSOCIATIONS: Light; unbonded

K: —ou're just being silly.

H: No, I'm serious! Look at this Castilleja! Wouldn't it be wonderful if it kept its blossoms year-round, rain or shine?

K: You want to give the Light… to a plant?

H: There's no rule book. Why can't I give the Light to a plant? Or a pigeon! Ooh, or maybe a dog! You want loyal, get a dog. That's what the Humans say!

K: [UNRECOVERABLE] when you get like this.

H: Look, I just think it's dumb that we're only supposed to give the Light to Humans. And Awoken—I mean, are they even Human? And Exos! Come on, they're full-on machines!

H: All any of them ever do is fight over stuff they want. They want Glimmer. They want glory. They want knowledge. Whatever it is, they climb all over each other trying to get it. I mean, look at what just happened to Cayde-6! He got the Light but then went rushing off alone, chasing fame or fun or whatever it was, and got himself and his Ghost killed in the process!

K: Ugh, fine. If that's the way you feel, go raise a houseplant instead, then. Go bond with a geranium and sit on a windowsill all day.

H: Nah. I think it'd be cooler to raise a Hive.

K: What?!

H: I mean, not really. It's just… on my mind.

K: You've been reading those ghastly Books of Sorrow everyone's been passing around, haven't you?

H: A little. I just think humanity could learn a lot from them. It's cool how all the Hive have this one singular purpose they all work toward together, you know?

K: Yes, one singular purpose of destroying the universe!

H: No, outlasting the universe. And isn't that kinda what we're doing with our Guar—


Frumious Cloak

Category: Cayde-6

Hazardous Propulsion


Category: Book: Lucent Tales