— Cayde-6 was the last Hunter Vanguard, known for his love of loot and quick-witted jokes.

Cayde-6 was the most lighthearted of the Vanguard and was often accused of not taking risks seriously.1 He was also notorious for his bets, which often got him into trouble.

Cayde was resurrected some time between Twilight Gap and the Iron Lords’ demise.2 The earliest mention of him in the City news was 126 years ago, though he claimed to be older than that.3

Prior to his first death, Cayde left behind several journals detailing various parts of his life. 4 Many of Cayde’s memories of his past life had to do with two figures, his Ace and his Queen. 5 However, while Cayde mentions putting Ace to bed and the kindness of his Queen, he later admits that “they are not real.”6 He also says that, while there are mentions of an Ace in his journals, Ace being his son is simply a theory, and he may not have existed at all.7 In reality, Cayde used the flashes of memory he had to invent two people, which he used to cope with loss and become a “better man.”6

Cayde had antagonistic relationships with many people in the Tower, but his one with Eris Morn seemed more so, especially after he stole her ship in order to infiltrate the Dreadnaught.8 However, following her departure from the Tower, Cayde did admit to missing her.9

The Vanguard Dare

"It is true that finding a Hunter representative to the Vanguard has always been ... difficult. Their independent point of view is not something we can survive without, though. And so over the years we've had Hunter mentors come and go. That is, of course, what the Dare is for." - Zavala10

Prior to Andal Brask’s appointment to Vanguard, the position had been empty for two years. The previous Vanguard, Kauko Swiftriver, had been MIA, with his Dare “nowhere to be found.”11 After their first encounter with Taniks, the Scarred, Cayde and Andal created their own Dare: whoever killed Taniks would be the winner, and the loser would be the one to take the Vanguard position. Cayde killed Taniks for the first time, winning the Dare; Andal kept his promise and became Vanguard.12

Later, Taniks returned, killing Andal.13 Cayde killed the mercenary again, taking over Brask’s position of Hunter Vanguard.14

Cayde and the Fallen

Cayde seems to have a unique relationship with the Fallen. He found an unlikely ally against the Hive on the Moon15, and has (according to his own reports) asked them for advice on how to get out of being the Hunter Vanguard16.

At the behest of the Reef, Cayde and his “Six” tracked down and captured seven of the eight Scorned Barons.17 Later, after Variks discovered that the last, Fikrul, lived, Cayde began his hunt again.18 He eventually returned with Fikrul and Uldren Sov, both of whom were imprisoned in the Prison of Elders.19

Some time after the Barons’ capture, Cayde and the Guardian were called on by Petra Venj to respond to a prison riot within the Prison of Elders. Venj soon discovered that it was not a riot, but a prison break orchestrated by Uldren and the Barons. In an attempt to block their escape, Cayde went to face them alone at the bottom of the Prison.

A firefight ensued, in which Cayde’s Ghost, Sundance, was destroyed. Uldren Sov then came to take the Ace of Spades, killing Cayde with it before the Guardian or Venj could arrive to help.

A gathering took place in Cayde’s honor, where stories about Cayde and his Ghost were shared.20

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