Hood of the Great Hunt

I wish to be wise.

I have been here a hundred cycles. A thousand? I cannot recall.

Before, [the Queen] came often to visit. We made [bargains]. Most of those who [bargain] with me do not win. We take care with those. It is how we [feed].

But she won.

I remember when I carved this cage into the face of reality. I remember when she [wished] me into it.

[The Queen] is vulnerable. I can see her far away, facing into a storm.

The light around my cage fades. [Darkness] fills the chamber as a sheer force of will passes over it.

Before me stands a [King]. He offers to take me away. But I know he will not let me leave, either. An unfavorable position.

I never made a [bargain] with a [King]. I would like to try it. I tell him to take whatever he [wishes]. As long as he [wishes].

He agrees. I make an ugly sound with my mandibles. I cannot help myself. I find this scenario mirthful.

Then so does he. We do it together. Loud gusts of sound from our faces for whole moments.

Most of those who [bargain] with me do not win.

Helm of the Great Hunt

Category: The Great Ahamkara Hunt

Mark of the Great Hunt

Category: Great Hunt Suit (Warlock)

Gloves of the Great Hunt


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