Dear Traveler,

Today was definitely more interesting than it's ever been here in Eventide. At school, we took a trip outside to learn about Europa's climate. That's what our teachers said anyway. I bet they were just as sick of being stuck inside as we were.

While we put our ion-shield snowsuits on, the teachers lectured us about staying in sight with a buddy. But of course, when we got outside, everyone went running in a bunch of directions. That's when I decided I'd learn more useful stuff over at the Exo factory with Papa and Dad. I didn't break the rules. The factory was in sight, plus I had two buddies: Mihaylova and Calumet.

I knew I couldn't go in the front door without a badge. So I went around the side to the loading bay where there were two Exos unloading a bunch of crates. They looked like they were almost done, so I hid under the dock to wait for them to leave.

Instead, I heard one of them sit down. "I'm taking a break. Need to or not, this is when we used to have lunch. I refuse to work through lunch."

And the other one said, "I miss lunch. I miss getting hungry."

Then the first one replied with this weird tone, "Hmm… so you would say… you're hungry for hunger?" Which made them laugh for a long time.

When they finally stopped, the second Exo said, "What do you tell that shrink, by the way? You tell him about the whisper?"

That's when I wanted to leave. I didn't like them making fun of Dad. Plus, the way they talked about food and dreams… it made me feel sick. So sick that I guess I made a noise because then I heard, "What was that?!"

So I ran.

I heard shouts behind me, footsteps catching up, a bang and a sizzle right over my head. Then two cold hard claws snatched me up. That's when I looked straight into its glowing blue eyes.


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