Message from Aunor IV

The Drifter's playing you. Gambit Prime isn't a get-rich-quick scheme, it's an experiment. And he's luring all of you from the Tower as test rats.

Until today, the heads of my Order believed the Drifter was attempting to craft a throne world, much like the Scorned Baron Hiraks did. Off the death of the Hunter Vanguard.

It surprised me, but we've found no evidence in or around the City that the Drifter's ever actually killed anyone (though there could be a mass grave aboard that destitute thing he calls a ship).

Your excursion today corroborated the stories of multiple Guardians still loyal to the Vanguard: the Drifter's haul originates from the clandestine power known only as the Nine.

The Warlock orders have only trivial information on these beings, but it would seem the Drifter has been networking beyond forces of Light and Dark. Before him, the Awoken Queen was their only known associate.

As of this moment, I hope I can trust you to keep your eyes open and your reports honest. As one of Drifter's Gambit Prime candidates, you are among the first Guardians to see what that bastard is doing.

You're the Vanguard's eyes and ears in this. I hope you do right by them.

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Message from Aunor III

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