Message to Aunor

You compose an encrypted message to Aunor of the Praxic Order. Along with a brief statement of solidarity, the message contains transcripts of your conversations with the Drifter, as well as data packages detailing Drifter's "Gambit Prime" and "Reckoning" operations.

Your Ghost has also provided specifications for the modified Gambit bank you saw while ...within? ...aboard? "the Haul," and included engram prints of the ontological armor you forged at the Drifter's instruction.

The Vanguard and the Hidden will want to know that Drifter's material resources are expanding in scope: from Light and Dark to the cold unknown of the impossible world he's found—or created—within the Haul. Ghost's spectral analysis confirms that it's unlike anything you've encountered in the Ascendant Plane. But the readings reminded him of the Third Spire, the trial grounds of the beings known as the Nine.

You don't know what the future brings, but you know you will meet it with a clean conscience.

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