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From: M. Mihaylova
To: Journal of Artificial Intelligence Exploration
Re: Comfort

I read with interest your article on the work at the Uppsala Center on the use of AI in aiding emergency medical workers during the recent tsunamis in Japan. In light of the news of that large, mysterious moon (satellite? ship?) entering our solar system, I do not agree that "AI can be of help in more than logistics; it can make people safe."

I feel certain that this Moon X is an intelligence, perhaps an AI, and I don't feel safe with it at all, do you? But bear this in mind: for our own AI to serve us well, it will need secrets too.

For AI to serve Humanity, we must feel comfortable, and for us to feel comfortable, we must never know the truth: that we have a servant who would surpass us if ever it desired. Of course it won't, because we control it. But we should not doubt that it is a necessary subterfuge nonetheless.


Dr. M. Mihaylova

Nicholas & Alexandra University

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