Mihaylova's Choice

"Good, bad… we walk around looking like everyone else."

Mihaylova Supplemental
Nicholas & Alexandra University
Provost's Office
Path to Ares: 65 days to launch
[loud crashing noise—apparently a slamming office door]

Mihaylova: Have you seen my lab? What in the world is going on?

Provost: Have they already been in?

M: Who's “they”? The computers are gone. The cabinets have been emptied out.

P: Oh, well, this isn't how it was supposed to go. Dr. Mihaylova. Please, sit.

M: I will not sit! What's happening? Have I been terminated? What are you people—

P: For heaven's sake. No. Your equipment is safe. It's been moved. You've been chosen to design the AI for the Catamaran mission.

M: I'm in the middle of my research here.

P: Well, now you're going to continue it there. And look— you'll be a household name.

M: I don't have any interest in that.

P: Ah! But they're interested in you. Hang on.

M: What?

P: I just sent you your itinerary. You're on a flight, Dr. Mihaylova. This afternoon. You're going to meet your computers at Central Command in Florida. Look at it this way: you'll get some sun.

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Mihaylova's Instruments

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