Robes of the Great Hunt

I wish to be ruthless.

I am myself. All my memories. Everything I was. All the [bargains] I have made. That was all me.

And yet.

I have taken a new shape.

I am [Riven].

I have new directive. I am [the King of the Taken].

I watch as a hundred thousand thousands of fragments of my will contest with [children of Light].

In my new shape, I hate them. He. Was. His. [Son.]

But there are those among them with whom I have made [bargains]. I need them. I love them.

I am a [King]. My will breaks entire systems. And I lead a world full of [darkness].

But I am terrified. I know the power that these [children] wield.

This is a war a [King] cannot win.

I have a face today. It expels mirthful bursts of air. I still find this scenario amusing.

But I am the only one.

Most of those who [bargain] with me do not win.

Queensfoil Censer

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