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Queensfoil Censer

Awoken and Ahamkara magics mingle in the mist rising from this censer as it swings back and forth, back and forth…

[Cryptarchy Access: -Guardian-]
[Decrypting Engrammatic File Cipher…]
[Archive//Accessed//Search: A:GH-030-912]
[Report Displayed:]

This report is assembled from the collected journals and accounts of Lightbearer participants of the Great Hunt, in which the Ahamkara were purged from Sol.

Wishes: A verbally expressed desire expressed within audible range of any Ahamkara. This wish is granted through invocation of something known as the "Anthem Anatheme," which appears to be a manner of subjecting reality to one's will, similar to a Lightbearer's ability to affect paracausality. However, little is known about how this process unfolds in practice.

Henceforth, the "wisher" enters a binding contract with the Ahamkara, though many Ahamkara will purposefully manipulate or misinterpret the parameters of this contract to draw greater nourishment from it, often causing calamity to the wisher.

Lightbearers are expected to refrain from expressing wants or desires in the presence of an Ahamkara.


-Ahamkara bones somehow retain intelligence, sentience, and a manner of speech yet to be defined, post-mortem. It is surmised that an Ahamkara's corporeal body is not its true form, but a representation.
-Ahamkara feed by granting wishes. These beings possess an innate ability to alter reality and consume the quantum chaos that results from such an act. This is theorized to allow them to "transcend reality".
-Above information regarding altering reality supported by data confirming species-wide capability to shift form into a wide variety of living and inanimate structures.
-Wishes, while seemingly less potent and more difficult to initiate, are still able to be granted from Ahamkara bones.
-Ahamkara are not solitary creatures. Many adults patrol vast distances across Sol alone, but their territories overlap, and disputes are rare. While Ahamkara do not typically hunt in packs, there have been sightings of hunting pairs. In fact, they do not appear to prey on each other at all. In one report, a dozen Ahamkara on Venus had congregated at a nexus of their territories without conflict.


-Three reports from Old Russian claim Ahamkara wielded the Light. This has never been confirmed.
-Seven Ahamkara that evaded and slew their Lightbearer pursuers and are still unaccounted for. This report is believed to be an error in its totality.

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Plate of the Great Hunt

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