Scatterhorn Greaves

"The Awoken have been bleeding territories for years now. Tangled Shore was just the first to slip between the cracks." —The Spider


Spider's operative within Dead Orbit is a man named Howe who sounds truly terrified to receive a direct call from his covert employer.

Spider buries his real desire within a long list of weapons and ammunition, but Howe still manages to single it out.

"Did you say number eighty-nine on manifesto Dove 15?"

"I do not believe I stuttered."

"But that's… it's so old. Pre-Golden Age, we think. Linde's best guess is that it was part of a moving art exhibit."

"You tell me nothing I do not already know."

"But… why do you want it?"

Spider might have let the man live, up until now.

A pity, really.

"All you need to know is how much I will pay you if you bring it to me."

"All right," Howe says dubiously. "Give me a hundred hours."

"You have forty."

Spider ends the call, and begins the process of wiping it from the records.

Scatterhorn Plate

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